Chris is easy to work with and extremely trustworthy. He made the process easy and he is reasonably priced.


Excellent Job

Chris did an excellent job on our estate plan. He explained the process in simple terms and was available to answer questions along the way.


Diligent & Wise

Christopher has represented me and the companies I work with for many years. He has always been extremely diligent and wise in his research and counsel.


Above & Beyond

We hired Chris Nudo as our lawyer for our selling and buying a home process, as many know this process can be quite stressful and take very many different turns along the way, our case was no different, we definitely went for a roller coaster ride on this one. From the beginning Chris was there for us at any point in time, to call text or email with any questions and was very quick in his responses to ensure that we were well informed and in great hands, and up until closing day, everything seemed to be going very smoothly. I say seemed to be because on closing day the roller coaster ride began. We were selling a home and buying a home at the same time and in order for us to put our down payment for the new home, the old home needed to sell first. So 9AM Saturday morning was supposed to be the closing on the old home, (and 11AM the closing on our new home) we had already signed all our papers for it so we didn't need to be present for the sale but Chris was there for us. Then the roller coaster began, the couple buying our house was from another state and their mortgage company was based there as well, they were supposed to send all the proper closing docs the previous night but somehow managed to forget to send them or they got lost in the process somewhere and nobody at that office was in yet, as they are in a different time zone and we couldn't get a hold of them, so the waiting began. Then when they finally opened, the buyers' mortgage broker who was supposed to send the docs was gone out of the office on vacation so no one could get ahold of him to find out where the docs had gone, or how we could get them. This ensured that our closing on the new house was going to be affected and pushed back which also caused the people we were buying from, who were supposed to leave for Arizona that day, to be delayed in their efforts as well. We were also planning on moving all our stuff into the new house that day as we had to return the rental truck. It felt like the twilight zone, we didn't know what to do or what was going to happen next and there really wasn't anything we could do, except wait. Chris proceeded to take us out to lunch and talk to us to try and relieve some of our stress and worry and ensure that he was going to do everything he could to make sure this sale and purchase happened and all the terrible "what ifs" that seemed so likely now weren't going to happen. We then proceeded to go and figure out what we were going to do with our truck full of all our stuff as it seemed the next possibility of us getting our house, at the very best, wasn't going to be until Monday or Tuesday at the earliest and Chris went to work. Chris stayed in contact with us over the next several hours keeping us updated on what was happened and being honest as to the most likely options and results but kept ensuring us that he's doing all he can. He worked from lunch until about 6PM tirelessly trying to make this happen for us even though at this point, being so late, it seemed impossible that it was going to happen that day. To our amazement we received a phone call from Chris around 530pm telling us to meet at the closing office and that the funds from the buyer of our house had finally come through and we have officially sold our old house and bought our new one. We were then able to get our keys to the new house that night! Between Chris, our real estate agent, and the people at the closing office (that Chris had persuaded to keep working even though it was far beyond time to go home) they somehow pulled off a miracle and made it happen for us.

Chris Nudo went far above and beyond working tirelessly for us to pull off the impossible and ensure that we were able to get into our new home that Saturday! We are 100% sure that if we hadn't hired Chris we never would have gotten into our new home on that day and possibly the whole thing could have fallen apart.


Above & Beyond

Chris is our business and personal family lawyer. Chris displays extreme work ethics, integrity, a man above reproach. Chris communicates at an understandable level, simplifying terms. Chris is a true advocate for our company, an integral part of our advisory team, and fortunately, I can continue running the business without concern for putting the company in jeopardy because Chris is on retainer. We’ve been in business for many years and finally feel we have a lawyer who will work on our behalf. I never hesitate to run something past Chris because his advice is vital to our success and protection. Just in the last couple of months, he has completed a trust on my behalf, is working on leasing agreement terms that are fair to both parties, an employment agreement, sales rep agreement. He has had plenty of opportunities to prove himself and has to the utmost. There have been no surprises after the fact. I highly recommend Chris.


Knows the Process

Overall, he did a great job in helping me with my real estate purchase. He knows the process and was an expert on it. The only thing he has neglected to cover was itemization of the utilities that I needed to activate. I don't know if it was his part to guide me or if it was my Realtor?


Knows the Process

Overall, he did a great job in helping me with my real estate purchase. He knows the process and was an expert on it. The only thing he has neglected to cover was itemization of the utilities that I needed to activate. I don't know if it was his part to guide me or if it was my Realtor?


Very Professional

Chris was our lawyer for the sale of two residences. He has also helped us in other legal matters. He is very professional and very knowledgeable. Chris is easy to work with, returns calls and messages quickly, and does such a great job. We highly recommend him!

-Craig & Karen

Honest Counsel

Christopher is an extremely competent, honest, and thorough attorney. His advice and counsel have enabled me to protect and preserve my hard-earned assets. His knowledge of contract law and forthright negotiating skills are his best attributes.


Efficient Attorney

I hired Chris to be the attorney on my home purchase. Could not be happier with how professional and efficient he was. Walked us through the whole process and made us feel comfortable. Would highly recommend him to others.


Made Us Feel Confident

My wife and I recently worked with Mr. Nudo to purchase our first home. My parents recommended him because they were very happy with his services in their Estate Planning. We are thankful for their recommendation because Mr. Nudo was great to work with and did an exceptional job. He was organized, thorough, and personable. He kept us in the loop during the process and made us feel comfortable and confident in our purchase. Would recommend him without hesitation.


A Rare Find

I've worked with Chris Nudo for many years. He is a rare find in the world of attorneys. He is not only a fantastic lawyer, but he is also a good guy. You can be sure that you are getting the best legal advice and work, while also knowing that you can trust him.

I highly recommend hiring Chris Nudo for your business, estate, or real estate transactions. You will not be disappointed.


Highly Recommended

I have referred Chris and jointly worked with Chris on the drafting and execution of several client estate documents. He has provided much expertise in helping clients crystallize their goals and incorporate them into their estate plans. I had him personally handle my father's probate estate and was quite satisfied. I highly recommend Chris for estate planning services for both simple and complex matters.

-John, CFPtm

Great Experience

Working with Chris on a recent home purchase was a great experience. He is knowledgeable and works to ensure you are represented well. He is available when you need him and will respond back quickly if you need to leave a message. The best thing is that I now use him for my business needs as well due to the great experience we had with him.


A Key Partner

I have only worked with Chris for about two months, but I find him to be a key partner in a team endeavor for a common client. He has been very responsive and communicative throughout, and our working relationship has been positive and professional.


Excellent Resource

Chris was an excellent resource when it came to our recent lease negotiation. He represented all of the qualities that you would want when looking for a legal partner in terms of area expertise and responsiveness. Additionally, given we are a cost-conscious small business, he was efficient with his time which saved us costs.


A Gift

In the time that Chris has been my attorney, I've been through some difficult times in my life and that of my family. Not only was he there to update one Trust and write another one, but he gave me excellent professional and personal advice on various steps to take on the path to this new chapter in my life. As these processes begin to come to completion, I chose to stick with his expertise to make sure all the ends were tied up and that there were no "surprises". He has been given a "gift" to help people, like myself, get through the challenges in life as well as the everyday life necessities.


Superior Knowledge

Working with Christopher Nudo is above reproach in every sense. From superior knowledge to stellar relationships, it is a joy to work with Chris. He has exceeded our expectations and we feel confident of his advisement and abilities.


High-Quality Service

I have used Chris for real estate, corporate matters, and estate planning. He has always provided high-quality service at a reasonable price and does a good job keeping the client informed as matters progress.


Exceeded Expectations

I have worked with Chris on several projects and have had my expectations exceeded. Professional, responsive, intelligent, are a few words that come to mind. I would recommend Chris to anyone in need of legal services.


Excellent Choice

EXCELLENT ATTORNEY!!! Vast knowledge related to the construction field, collections, contracts, and more. Personable and very easy to work with. Excellent Choice !!!


Very Happy Results

I appreciate all the work you guys did for us. I think it was great and we are very happy with the results. Thank you so much! God bless

-Buster Dunmore