Fantastic Reputation

Chris Nudo has a fantastic reputation in the community. He is friendly, skilled, and articulate. When I think about Chris I think about someone that does the right thing and cares. He up-lifts the reputation of all lawyers.

-Gary N., Personal Injury Attorney

I Endorse This Lawyer.

I endorse this lawyer. Knowledgeable and easy to work with.

--Robert A., Entertainment Attorney

Great to Work With!

Chris does a very thorough job. Great to work with!

-Bradley F., Estate Planning Attorney

A Man of Integrity

Chris is a man of integrity who produces outstanding work. I have trusted him with my personal matters and fully endorse and recommend him.


-Courtney F., Financial Markets and Services Attorney

Extremely Bright, Solid, Well-Grounded Lawyer

An extremely bright, solid, well-grounded lawyer. I clearly endorse this lawyer’s work. I refer clients to Mr. Nudo if it is outside of my specialties.


-Leonard M., Real Estate Attorney

Impressively Energetic and Motivated

Chris is an impressively energetic and motivated individual. He brings a passion, drive, and determination to his work and has experienced great success. Chris approaches his work with the big picture in mind and knows how to get the job done at a fair price.

-David A, Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Honest, Ethical, Hard-Working, and Supportive

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Chris is a great example of how an attorney should handle his client’s matters. He is honest, ethical, hard-working, and supportive.

-Andrew Gozinsky

A Good Listener and A Quick Study

Christopher succeeded me as Chair of our Transactional Law Committee. I am delighted with his enthusiasm in that role, and his creative approach to transactional matters. He has an open mind, is a good listener and a quick study.

-Linscott Hanson, Limited Liability Company (LLC) Attorney