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Estate Planning Attorney in Schaumburg & Elgin, Illinois

Estate Planning Attorney & Probate Law in Elgin, IL

If you were to suddenly pass away, would your family be left in the dark regarding your assets? Don’t leave them scrambling to cover the costs of your funeral, debts and more — make sure your estate is distributed according to your wishes with a concise, thorough estate plan. Christopher S. Nudo, Attorney at Law, can help you draft a will or trust that will cover all your estate planning needs. From designating an executor to determining who is in charge of your property, our team will handle it all. If you're

We’ll send our estate planning attorney directly to your door so you can work out the details of your will or trust at your convenience. Schedule a consultation with us by calling 630-716-3957, and see how you could save $100 on an estate plan.

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Draft the Right Documents for Your Estate Planning Needs

Christopher S. Nudo, Attorney at Law has extensive experience handling the estate planning needs of Schaumburg, Illinois, residents. Our estate planning attorney can assist with:

  • Wills

  • Living wills

  • Trusts

  • Pour-over wills

  • Powers of attorney

  • Certifications of trust

  • Health care powers of attorney

  • Advanced estate planning-: i.e. legacy trusts, charitable remainder trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts

Knowledgeable Legal Counsel

You need an attorney with decades of experience up his sleeve. When planning your estate Christopher will examine your assets thoroughly and come up with a strategy that will work best for your goals and needs. If you fail to divide your assets before you pass, the chance of probate will greatly increase. Probate is the process of the court deciding who your belongings should go to, and they do not always do it in the most fair or accurate ways.

If you live in or near Schaumburg, Illinois and you are thinking about the future and planning your estate, call Attorney Christopher S. Nudo.